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Business Toolkit

Welcome to the Business Toolkit. This resource will help your business take the first steps to supporting Give BIG San Bernardino County this November 29th.

Our goal is to raise $300,000 to benefit nonprofits serving the county. We are looking for sponsors to support and celebrate nonprofits in San Bernardino County, here are just a few ways businesses benefit in participating:

How Give BIG San Bernardino County will benefit your business:

  • Be a part of a citywide fundraising event that will benefit more than 150 nonprofits and reach thousands of San Bernardino County residents.
  • More than 150 nonprofits, large and small, will link their causes to your support, reaching people committed to a variety of issues in San Bernardino County.
  • Reach a demographic of people who care about San Bernardino County, give locally and are philanthropic.
  • Our social media campaign will reach thousands – through Give BIG San Bernardino County and the 150+ nonprofits’ Facebook and Twitter users.
  • You will position your business as an innovative, philanthropic leader, distinctively committed to serving the needs of our community.

Business Resources

Contact Information:

Please reach out to Give BIG San Bernardino County Program Manager Andrea Mitchel with questions about sponsorship:

How it Works:

From midnight to 11:59 on November 29, 2016 supporters of Give BIG San Bernardino County nonprofits will go online, connect with causes they care about and make donations. Every donation made has a chance to receive a Golden Ticket!

When a randomly selected donor is the lucky recipient of a Golden Ticket, their charity receives additional prize money. In addition, the top organizations on the Leaderboard will receive extra prize money and/or service prizes for partnering organizations!

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