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In order to HEAL, victims of domestic violence must have Hope, Empower themselves, take Action, and Live their new lives free of domestic violence

“No matter how impossible it seems now, you can create a new life.  Just hang on to the belief that it is possible.”  -Domestic violence survivor

            The feeling of hope described by this brave soul is the exact reason Morongo Basin Unity Home exists.  From the beginning we have been driven to instill, and fully support, hope in every person (not just victim) that we come across.  Hope is what carries a person day to day when it seems there is nothing to look forward to.  More often than not, domestic violence victims come to us when they feel that they have hit rock bottom.  Something we have to remind them is that rock bottom is the best place to start in order to build a solid foundation for their life to come.  We are here to walk beside them as they build that foundation and begin to gain the skills necessary to get back to living a strong, productive life free of domestic violence.

“Some people have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can” –Martha Graham

Unfortunately, victims of domestic violence have often developed a mindset of learned helplessness.  Learned helplessness is a state in which the victim believes that they are nothing but incapable and worthless without their abuser.  After helping these victims to see the hope within them, we capitalize on it by showing them their own worth.  We continue to walk beside them as they begin to realize that they are powerful people that can achieve anything they set out to do.  They begin by setting small goals and accomplishing them (such as our parenting classes), thereby building steps to the top of their potential.  This step in healing helps them to recognize that they are capable so they may move on to the next step.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”  -Pablo Picasso

            How right Picasso was in making this statement.  What good are all of the parenting, domestic violence awareness, financial responsibility, and communication classes in the world if our clients cannot put them to work within their own lives?  Our passion is healing.  Part of that is to get our clients moving in the direction of freedom and success, and to have them continue that movement once they have detached from us.  Acting is the step in their healing in which they come to the realization that they can do this on their own, and they then begin to put everything they have learned to work.  We have, are, and always will be here for anyone who needs us, but our goal is to have our clients be able to continue their journey with progress and independent of domestic violence.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says it; I’m Possible.”  -Audrey Hepburn

            At Unity Home, we take pride in watching our clients walk away with all the tools necessary to live successful lives.  Our passion is healing, and this is where we see it come together.  We have a victim come into our arms broken, looking for love, guidance, and support, and we then get to watch them walk out of our office with their head held high.  They are ready to end one chapter of their life and begin a new one, ready to take on the world.   


Please help us continue to guide victims of domestic violence through their troubled times, so they can move on and live productive, violence free lives.

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