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Imagine going through life doing all of the "right" things to prepare for success; a stable job, stable home, abtaining a higher level education and having the right attitude to succeed. Then one day your stable environment explodes and begins to crumble around you. The person you have been faithful to becomes abusive physically and mentally. Then all of the money that you worked hard to save is removed from your bank account without explanation. 30 years of what you thought was stability is gone and you are running for your life. You find yourself homeless with nowhere to turn.

That is my story and the story of so many others escaping from situations that negatively impacted their lives. Whether that is one running from an abusive partner, a child attempting to escape a home filled with trauma or someone running from bad choices made, Victor Valley Family Resource Center (VVFRC) is here to help. Established in 2009, VVFRC provides the relief our at-risk community needs when facing obstacles that threaten their success. Whether it is assistance to prevent interuption of utilities or transitional housing, we are here to help. Our homeless residents are welcomed to a warm, caring environment, delicious meals and essential services to assist them in getting their lives on track.

Help us help those in need of a hand up and not a hand out. Your donation in any amount will help someone get a new start today.

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